Larkins in Russia


The Russian Larkin Families:

Paul Goldschmidt's Dictionary of Period Russian Names - Section L

Copyright (c) 1996 Paul Goldschmidt.

·         Larka (m) -- Larka Oksenov syn Kopyl, hunter. 1622. [Tup 195]

o    Patronymics: Larkin (Rusak Larkin). 1495. [Tup 342]

Tup = Tupikov, N. M. Slovar' drevne-russkikh lichnykh sobstvennykh imen. Saint Petersburg: Tipografiia I. N. Skorokhodova, 1903.


Samara Region


The Russian Larkin families seem to have begun their Russian odyssey after arriving during the 17th century as Wild Geese. Their initial settling down seems to have taken place in the Samara region.

Siberian Region


In one of those large population changes of the early 20th century, some of the Larkin families were amongst these transplanted to Siberia.

Chukotka region


There are still  Larkin folk in the Chutoka, particularly in the city of Pevek, on the Arctic circle.

Oryol Region


Another group of Larkin families moved from Samara and settled in the Oryol area around Orel city.
Moscow Area
Once freedom of movement was established, a number of Larkin families moved to the capital city.


St. Petersburg Area  

Judging from the number of LARKIN entries in the St. Petersburg directory, the Larkin families are thriving in Russia's second city as well!.


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