Clan Membership

We offer Clan Membership certificates to those interested in participation. We offer membership to all those born or married to the name Larkin, Larkins, Larkan, Larcome, Lurkan or Lorcan, or derivatives of that fine name. We will include those descended from one of the name, but separated by no more than two generations. So you will need at least one Larkin grandparent to become a clan member. In the old Gaelic manner, all members of the clan will be entitled to vote on all clan matters, provided they have reached the proper age. In Gaelic terms, that means 14 years for a woman, and 17 years for a man. Membership will be formalised by the provision of a personalised Clan Certificate, and a sealed clan membership badge. 

We need your support in order to provide services to our Clan Members, and to prepare for our forthcoming gathering!


Membership costs €25.oo per person (Twenty-Five Euro), the monies accruing going to cover our insurance costs for the events of the next gathering. Separate costs for the individual events, and/or a single overall cost, will be indicated early in 2014. Remember that membership of the Clan is mandatory for attendance at the Clan Gathering! Since we are a non-profit organization, you should know that the membership fees are used to provide insurance cover for all our organized events.


SPECIAL OFFER: Membership is valid for one year; so we encourage everyone attending to pay up the dues now – and get one obligation out of the way. To reward everyone paying online early (including all those already paid-up); we are offering, free of charge, a copy of David Larkin’s  CD compilation entitled the Larkin Files. This is an invaluable resource for Larkin research, and contains 561 PDF files made up of more than 1,800 pages; and contains collections of photographs and BMD lists; books and periodicals, and a large number of articles. So everyone who pre-pays their membership dues will receive a free copy of this valuable CD prepared after years of research by our Clan historian - Ollamh Muinter Lorcán!  ©Copyright David A. Larkin. New members also receive a lapel-badge, key-ring and a wall-pennant, all emblazoned with the Larkin Clan crest.

The Larkin Clan Pennant

The Larkin Files

The Larkin Clan key-ring & Lapel-pin

There are three ways to join up.

1. Easiest of all is to use Paypal online.

Just use this PayPal button below to donate your  €25.oo  fee safely and securely; and remain in control at each step. Don't forget to let us have your address & email during the payment process:

2. Use regular mail or Air-mail:

Send your details and subscription by cheque or postal order to the Larkin Clan organization, Muinter Lorcán, at this address:

Muinter Lorcán,

The Larkin Clan,


County Galway,


3. Simply email us your details at  info@LarkinClan.Eu

and we can email you a PayPal invoice by return email, which you can then pay at your own leisure!!

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Our clan organisation, Muinter Uí Lorcáin, is registered with the Clans of Ireland as an official Irish Clan group, and qualifies as a registered charity.

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