Muinter Lorcáin Ua Máine

The following genealogy ought not be taken too seriously; but it is not without several grains of truth - as best we know it. It is abstracted from many sources, ancient and modern; amongst them, especially, the Annals of the Four Masters; who are responsible for the somewhat fanciful descent from Adam to King Milesius. Further extracts are from the Labhair Breac - the Speckled Book of Duniry; from the Annals of Lough Key, the Annals of Inishfallen, and from the Gaelic lineages of O'Hart and McLysaght.

"God the Father, Son and Holy Ghost, who was from all eternity, did, in the beginning of Time, of nothing, create Red Earth; and of Red Earth formed ADAM; and of a Rib out of the side of Adam fashioned Eve. After which Creation, Plasmation, and Formation, succeeded Generations, as follows."

1. Adam & Eve created by God on the 6th day of the creation of the world. Born in the year of the world 0. Adam died at age 930.

2. Seth born in the 130th year of his father (year of the world 130) and died at 912 years of age (year of the world 1042).

3. Enos born in the 105th year of his father (year of the world 235) and died at 905 years of age (year of the world 1140).

4. Cainan born in the 90th year of his father (year of the world 325) and died at 910 years of age (year of the world 1235).

5. Mahalaleel born in the 70th year of his father (year of the world 395) and died at 895 years of age (year of the world 1290).

6. Jared born in the 65th year of his father (year of the world 460) and died at 962 years of age (year of the world 1422)

7. Enoch born in the 162nd year of his father (year of the world 662) and died at the age of 365 (year of the world 987)

8. Methuselah born in the 65th year of his father (year of the world 687) and died at the age of 969 (year of the world 1656)

9. Lamech born in the 187th year of his father (year of the world 874) and died at the age of 777 (year of the world 1651)

10. Noah "the Father of all Humanity" (of "the Great Flood" fame) born in the 182nd year of his father and died at the age of 950 (year of the world 2006).

11. Japhet is said to have been 100 years of age at the time of the "Great Flood", or born in the 500th year of his father (year of the world 1556).

12. Magog (Gomer)

13. Baoth (Baath)

14. Phenius Pharsa (also written as Phoenuisa Farsaidh) "the Antiquary" or "Inventor of Letters), King of Sythia circa 1800BC. Married to Scota of Egypt, daughter of Cinqueris, Pharaoh of Egypt.

15. Niul after whom some say the river Nile is named. It is said he led his people to Egypt where they were hired as mercenaries of the Pharaoh.

16. Gaodhal Glas (aka Gael) the namesake of the Gaels or Gaelic race. As a child he was said to have been cured of a deadly serpent bite by Moses.

17. Asruth (Ersu) believed to have migrated to Crete.

18. Herber Scot (also written Eimhir Scot)

19. Beman (also written Beouman)

20. Ogaman (Oghamann)

21. Tait (Tat)

22. Agnon

23. Lamhflonn (According to "The Annals of the Four Master" the name should be Lámh Fionn)

24. Heger (or Eimhir) Gunflonn or Heber Glunfionn

25. Agnan Fion (or Fionn)

26. Febric Glas

27. Nenal (also written Nenuall)

28. Nuadhat (also written as Nuadhad)

29. Alladh (also written as Allodh or Allot)

30. Dea (or Deagh) who led a colony from Scythia to Galacia in Spain.

31. Brath

32. Breogan (Brian) or Brigus (after whom Brigantes)

33. Gallamh (also known as Milesius) King of Spain. His people were known as the Milesians. His wife was Scota Tephi, a daughter of Nectaebus, Pharoh of  Egypt and a sister of King Solomon's Queen.  The Annals of the Four Masters suggest this time period to be circa 1700 B.C. but historians date it at 350-450 BC. Other sources suggest the time period was 1200BC.

34. Eermon (Hermon) "of the Horses" 1st (Milesian) King of Ireland (circa 1698 B.C. per the "Four Masters"). He, his brothers and followers arrived in Inis Elga (Ireland) aboard 35 ships in the year of the world 3500 (or 1699 BC per the "Four Masters"). Upon conquering Ireland from the Tuatha de Danann, Eermon  became the 1st (Milesian) King of Ireland. 

35. Irial Faidh (also written Irial Fiah) 10th King of Ireland. Died 1670 BC

36. Ethrial (also written Eithraial) 11th King of Ireland, killed by his cousin Conmaol in 1650 BC.

37. Follac (or Foll-Aicch, Falach or Fallain) Prince of Ireland

38. Tighernmas 13th King of Ireland, reigned for 77 years; died 1513 BC.

39. Eiobiothad (or Eanbrotha) Prince of Ireland

40. Smiorgall (or Simorgaill) Prince of Ireland

41. Flacha Labhrain 18th King of Ireland, reigned for 24 years; died 1448 BC.

42. Aeneas Olmaead (Aongus Ollmuchach) 20th King of Ireland; died 1409 BC.

43. Maen (or Maon or Main) Prince of Ireland.

44. Roitheaehtaigh (or Rothactach) 22nd King of Ireland; slain by Séadhna in 1357 BC.

45. Deman (or Dian) Prince of Ireland.

46. Sirna (or Siorna) Saoghaileach "the Long Lived" 34th King of Ireland. Reigned for 150 years of his reputed 250 year life. Died 1030 BC.

47. Olioll Olchain Prince of Ireland.

48. Gialchadh or Gillachaidh 37th King of Ireland; died 1013 BC. 

49. Nuahhas Fionnfail 39th King of Ireland; died 961 BC.

50. Aedham Glas (Aodh Glas, Aedan) Prince of Ireland; in whose reign the dreadful Apthach plague swept away most of the inhabitants of Ireland.

51. Simon Breach 44th King of Ireland ( 909-903 BC).

52. Murchad Bolgrach 46th King of Ireland, died 892 BC.

53. Fiacha Tolgrach 55th King of Ireland, died 795 BC.

54. Duach Ladrach 59th King of Ireland, died 737 BC.

55. Eochy Buadach.

56. Ugaine Mór (or Ugaine Magnus) "the Great", the 66th monarch; married Caesir, daughter of the King of Gaul; responsible for creating the 25 divisions of Ireland for his 25 children. Died 593 BC.

57. Cobthach Caol Breagh 69th King of Ireland (591-541 BC).

58. Melghe Molbthach 71st King of Ireland.

59. Irereo (also written Iaran Gleofathach) 74th King of Ireland, died 473 BC.

60. Conly Caem (Conla Caomh), the  76th King of Ireland; died a natural death in 412 BC.

61. Olioll Cas-Fiaclach "of the Crooked Teeth" 79th King of Ireland.

62. Aengus Tuirmeach (Teamhrach) 81st King of Ireland (384-324BC).

63. Enna Aighneach "the Hospitable" 84th King of Ireland (312-292 BC).

64. Laghaire Lorc (Leary the Fierce).

65. Beotach (Beothachtach).

66. Blatact (Bláthachtach).

67. Esamon also written Assaman Eamhna ("of Emania").

68. Roignen Ruadh ("the Red").

69. Fionnlogh or Finn "of Emania".

70. Fionn "The Fair".

71. Eochaidh Feidhlioch 93rd King of Ireland (142-130BC). Established the 5 provinces of Ireland in place of the 25 divisions; being Ulster, Munster, Leinster, Connacht and Meath.

72. Bres Nar Lothar.

73. Lughaid-Sriabh-nDearg, also known as Lewy "of the Red Circles", 98th King of Ireland (34 - 8 BC). Married Devorgill. Killed himself by falling on his sword.

74. Criffan (Crimthann Niadh Nar) 100th King of Ireland (7 BC - 9 AD) married Naira daughter of Loich the son of Dareletuis of the Northern Picts.

75. Feredac (or Fearadac Fionn-Fearchtach) 102nd King of Ireland (14 -36 AD).

76. Fiachc (or Fiacha Fionn Ola, of the white oxen) 104th King of Ireland (39 -56 AD).

77. Tuathal Teachtmar 106th King of Ireland (when he came of age). He was raised by his mother and grandfather in Alba (Scotland). He restored the true royal blood and heirs to their kingdoms and created the kingdom of Midhe (or Meath = the middle kingdom). 76-106 AD.

78. Felim Rachtmar "the Law Giver" who established a just code of law followed by 60 succeeding monarchs; married Úghna, daughter of the Danish King; 108th King of Ireland (110 - 119 A.D.).

79. Conn Cead Cathach ("of the Hundred Battles") 110th King of Ireland; reigned for 35 years (123 - 157 AD). Father of Connacht, the province named after him.

80. Airt Eanfhear, Art "the Lonely" or "the Melancholy", 112th King of Ireland (165 - 195 AD) so named because he mourned the death of his brothers. Married Maeve, the Queen of Connacht. From Airt are descended the kings of Scotland from Fergus Mor MacEarcu (5th century) to the Stuarts.

81. Cormac MacAirt (also called Cormac MacNessa and Cormac Ulfada (Longbeard) 115th King of Ireland said to be the wisest and most learned of the descendants of Eermon. Cormac was considered a god king by most, and recorded to be a christian by others. He married Eithne Ollamhadha, and had 10 daughters and 6 sons. He died choking on a salmon bone. (227-266 AD).

82. Cairbre Lifeachair 117th King of Ireland (267 - 284 AD) named "the Liffey" because he was nursed on the banks of the river Liffey (which was named after Eermon's horse). He was killed in the battle of Gabhra.

83. Fiacha Straibhtine, the 120th King of Ireland. He married Aoife, and was killed by the 3 Collas, one of whom succeeded him. (284-322 AD).

84. Muireadeach Tíreach  122nd King of Ireland. Married to Muireann. Defeated King Colla and banished him from Ireland. (327-356 AD).

85. Eochu Mugmemdon or Muigh Meadhoin ("Slaves Lord") King of Tara living 360AD, earned his nickname by slave raids on Roman Britain. In one raid he carried off and married (2nd wife) the Princess Cartha Cais Dubh or Carinna (mother of No. 86), who was despised by his 1st wife, Mong Fionn, who bore him his first three and last (5th) sons.

86. Niall Naoí nGiollach (Niall of the Nine Hostages). Had 12 sons by his 2 wives, Inné and Roighneach. 126th monarch of Ireland. Slain 453 AD. The earliest historically verifiable King of Ireland.

87. MAINE, known as Maine Mór (the Great). Youngest son of Niall. Conquered East Galway & South Roscommon from the Fir Bolg in 457 AD. Hence Hy-Many, the region of East Galway, South Roscommon and West Offaly bordering the river Shannon. Within the Hy-Many region was the strip of land banking the Shannon where the Larkin clan were subsequently ollamhs.

88. Breasal 457-487.

89. Dallon 487-509.

90. Lughaidh Buach 509-526.

91. Feradach 552-576.

92. Cairbre Crom 576-585.

93. Cormail 585-605.

94. Eoghan Buach or Buí; (Owen the Tawny) 605-624.

95. Anmchadh; (Ambrose, ancestor of the Maddens) 625.

96. Forbasach  (Fursey, the 3rd son of Anmchadh).                                  

97. Dómhnail.  

98. Cosgair.   

99. Lorcán MacMughron flourished in Hy-Many

100. Muinter Lorcáin emerge as a distibct sept within the O'Madden Clan in the kingdom of Hy-Many.                                                          

101.    Dómhnal Mac Lorcáin d.937 (Lord of Aidhne, buried at Clonmacnois).

102.   M984.5 A depredation was committed by the Connaughtmen, in retaliation, as far as Loch-Ainninn; and they burned Feara-Ceall, and slew the lord of Feara-Ceall. Fearghal, son of LORCÁN, lord of Cinel-Fiachach, was killed.

103.  Finnachta Ó Lorcáin  c.950.

104. Raighean Mac Finnachta Ó Lorcáin (Slain in Battle at Lough Key 955 AD)

105. Maolróin Ua Lorcán Buried in Clonmacnois circa. 975 A.D.

106.  Muirigheas Ó Lorcáin d. 1121 (Slain in battle at Lismore in the service of the King of Connacht).

107.  Maelseachtlain (Malachy) McLork'n   (Tenant of Meelick Castle 1253.)

108.  Mahon Ó Lorcáin c.1325.                                        

109.  Nimeas Ó Lorcáin (son of Mahon) fl.1363 in Clonfert.

110.  Thomas Ó Lorcáin (son of Nimeas)  fl.1414.

111.  Thomas Ó Lorcáin (Ollamh to the Maddens, Chief of Hy-Many)  d. 1490.

112.  Murrogh Ó Lorcáin fl. 1494.

113.  John Ó Lorcáin was Vicar of Kilquain in 1565.

114.  Brían (Bernard) Ó Lorcáin of Kiltormer transplanted by Cromwell from Meelick to Killallaghton in 1653.

115.  Nehemias Ó Lorcáin of Kiltormer, transplanted to Duniry by Cromwell in 1653, & died 1671 in Kilquain.

116.  John Ó Lorcáin (son of Bernard above) was Guardian of Meelick 1662-1755 and scribe of The Meelick Chronicles. 

117.  Giles Lorcán of Meelick, whose will was published in 1683. 

118.  MacLoughlan Lorcán of Ballybeg, whose will was proven 1698.


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